Thanks to some eagle-eyed Larry shippers, we’ve discovered that these two people are present in the background of a lot of photos of the boys, and more specifically photos of Elounor. They’re clearly members of 1D’s management team, as they show up in photos no matter what country the boys are…

162 reasons why i believe in larry stylinson


this is a list of reasons i believe in larry. if you look at each of these things individually, they obviously prove nothing and/or can be considered platonic. but to me, putting all this stuff together proves larry. the first part is elounor/cover stuff, the next is gayish stuff, the third is relationship stuff. (im pissed my theme doesn’t do numbers but i promise there are 162) ~ enjoy!

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Anonymous asked:
"I love you"

well, im glad you love me because i love you

Louis’ Latest Tweets/DMs Analysis


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Eleanor/Louis vs. Dani/Liam


this was supposed to be just the comparison but i turned liam’s relationship with danielle into some evidence as to why i think elounor is fake.

here goes nothing. hope its understandable!


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let’s talk about contracts re: One Direction


Disclaimer: What prompted me to write this was a discussion I had with my uncle, a contract attorney, about what exactly an employer can and cannot demand of an employee in a contract (I never brought up 1D specifically, but my questions were very much leaning towards that kind of scenario). The conclusions I draw here are based on the information he told me and assumptions based on that information.  If any of this information is incorrect, please notify me so that I can change it.

This mostly focuses on the claims that 1) management has access to the boys’ twitter accounts and 2) MGMT is covering up a romantic relationship between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

It’s a tad lengthy and almost all speculation. My apologies for that.

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Irrefutable Proof of Larry Stylinson


From 10 to 1, this analysis will be 10 moments that I believe irrefutably prove the existence of Larry Stylinson, the romance. 

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